Frustrated? How to Go Vegan Cold Turkey

By on December 24, 2014
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A vegan lifestyle is not an easy one to take on for anyone. The simple fact is, though, it can be done with knowledge and perseverance.

Of course, chances of success are more dependent on going cold turkey than through a gradual transition. As the previous paragraph states, veganism isn’t only in reference to diet but also to lifestyle. Such a change affects one’s total mindset, an alteration in how one thinks and feels. This is why the overall journey to becoming a vegan is difficult and why one must complete the transition rather quickly.

Better Alternatives to Feeding Body and Mind

Below is a list of general food types common and distinct to the vegan diet. The list isn’t all-inclusive, but it does offer helpful insight for those wanting to make the change.

• Soy/Oat/Almond/Coconut Milk and Vegetable Oil:

Dairy substitutes are healthier and better tasting alternatives than actual milk. Not only does trans-fat become a non-issue but they do not include animal byproducts and are still heavy in Vitamin D and calcium. Some people prefer skim milk, and that’s okay if consumed moderately.

• Peanuts and Cashews:

Nuts do contain salt, which increases blood pressure, but they have less fat and no animal byproducts inherent in other snacks like potato chips or donuts. In addition, eaters can mix nuts with other ingredients to create a variety of unique dishes like salads or meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

• Apple Sauce, Baking Soda, Ground Flax Seed and Bananas:

All of these alternatives substitute well for eggs. They offer the fluffiness and bonding quality most valued in eggs and without the cholesterol.

• Soy/Black/Navy/Pinto Beans:

This is an excellent preference to actual meat, and eaters never miss the tastiness. Soybeans, which are ideal as burgers and hot dog alternatives, contain protein, iron and Vitamin C, so beef and other meat forms aren’t necessary.

• Fresh Fruits and Vegetables:

Produce provides an abundance of vitamins and can mix with other foods to create a plethora of exciting dishes, especially salads.

• Tempeh and Tofu:

Tempeh bacon offers a healthier solution to regular bacon and without fat and cholesterol. Tofu, made from soybean curd, works the same way with eggs and meats.

• Lettuce, Cabbage, Watercress, Spinach, etc.:

All greens contain vitamins like other fresh vegetables, so their nutritional value is among the highest. Greens are popular for that reason.

In Conclusion: Going Vegan Cold Turkey:

If anyone wants to go vegan cold turkey, there are a variety of ways as long as the transition isn’t an abrupt or dramatic one. That causes internal conflicts, which are unnecessary and lead to trouble. The secret is to start with something tasty, adventurous and familiar to generate intrigue, and then stick with it. Vegetables and greens are a perfect example. As time goes on, new vegans can add other things into the mix. Animal byproducts become a thing of the past and go unnoticed and unmissed.

Are you thinking about starting a vegan diet? What are your biggest challenges?

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