By on June 5, 2015
I hate vegans

I recently attended an outdoor cookout and as you might imagine most of the food being grilled was meat. Here is an actual list of what was sitting on the open flame as I arrived.

  1. skirt steak
  2. sausage
  3. hot dogs
  4. hamburgers
  5. chicken wings
  6. chicken breasts

Off to the side was a cooler full of more red meat and poultry all mixed together in what looked like a murder scene. Now I have been vegan for close to three years and I have to admit a steak over an open flame smells pretty darn good. It’s been too long to remember what it tastes like but it could not have been that good because I don’t miss it.

My friend Charles was manning the grill and yes he eats meat and I still consider him a friend. Charles introduced me to another guy as Dean his vegan friend. This guy looked at me from head to toe and blurted out “I Hate Vegans”. Before I could reply he went right into why. I listened to his every word and I have to tell you I could not disagree with him. He made some good points, things that I as a vegan hate about other vegans. When he was finished he apologized for being negative and added that it was nothing against me. All I could say is, that he had valid points and that everything he said was 100% accurate. He was shocked when I said “vegans are assholes, the worst assholes in the world to be exact”. He stared at me speechless and I added “but not all, it’s the 10% factor”. You see 10% of any group are assholes. It’s just life, in business 10% of your customers are a pain in the neck. 10% of the TSA agents are arrogant jerks, 10% of men beat their wives, 10% of women are gold diggers.

I explained to him that the vegan he described is the same vegan, that vegans hate themselves. They are the judge mental, finger pointing jerks that more than likely became vegan because they were lonely and needed to be a part of a group. So they stopped eating meat and labeled themselves vegan. Running this site I come across this small group every so often and it’s very frustrating. I guess what I find the most annoying about this very small group is that they treat others humans so terrible but they claim to be compassionate people. Guess what, you have to treat human beings with respect as well. Just because someone eats meat does not make them a bad person, they are just different from you. Another thing is they don’t want to be told that they are killing animals and all that other shit. Keep your thoughts and opinions to yourself.

It’s a shame that we vegans have to walk around in a defensive manner because of the 10% group of vegan assholes that ruin it for the rest of us. It’s funny every time I post an article about Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce on our Facebook page the haters come flying out. They say such mean and nasty things about them, things they would never say to another human being in person. But on the other side I always see many more likes and shares about the post. These are the good vegans, the humans of the world. For the 10% of you that destroy the vegan tag, go away, get a life, look in the mirror, or better yet just change!

For the 90% of you out there, I applaud you and are proud to share the title of vegan with you.

Here is a test to find out if you are a 10%er. If this article offended you…well…need a say more ;)

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