Oh So Very Vegan is a site dedicated to the vegan lifestyle. So many vegan websites cater to just eating vegan but there is so much more to being a vegan than just food. Being vegan is about caring, caring for lives of animals all over the world. Yeah we feature food as well, let’s face it food is a big part of our world. I’m just saying it’s not just about the food here.Dean Iodice

At Oh So Very Vegan our mission is to be the best vegan information site, spreading the word about how great it is to be vegan. How to get started in this wonderful lifestyle and show how the vegan life is so much more than just eating salad and being a weak geek. Our main goal is to be the top destination for all things vegan we cover topics such as:

Understand we are not the vegan police, so if you are not vegan, we don’t hate you and if you are vegan and slip up from time to time, let’s just say we’re here to help. It’s about community, helping others.

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