20 Creative Uses For Old Items Used As Garden Planters

By on October 10, 2014

Gardening is a great hobby, it’s one of those things that relaxes your mind and sparks creativity.  It’s classified as one of those healthy hobbies for the soul. As a vegan gardening is the perfect activity to cater to our lifestyles. Keep in mind gardening is not just about growing tomatoes. You could start a nice herb garden or a beautiful garden of just plants to dress up the yard.

We searched high and low and put together 20 recycled items that work great as planters. Here we go.

1. Have an old row boat laying around? If so it makes a great rustic looking planter for flowers.

Old Boat Planter

2. Anyone have an extra 50 gallon drum or two? If so here is a cute use from them.


3. What to do with all those plastic water bottles, add a little yellow paint and you have yourself a nice little setup.

Plastic Planter Bottles

4. There always seems to be a bird cage on sale at a garage sale and they can often be purchased for a $1.00 or less. Once you create in as a planter it becomes the true center piece of your garden.


5. Not many of us happen to have an old car just laying around, but in the event that you do… It makes a really nice planter.

Old Car Planter

6. Old chairs can be found at any flea market for very little, few people have the creative eye to see what a great garden fixture they can become.


7. A brand new pair of Crocs makes for a very expensive planter, but a used pair makes for a crowd pleaser every single time.

Crocs Planter

8. Remember that old dresser from your little girls bedroom? Rather than keeping it in her bedroom while she is away at college, why not get creative and turn it into a beautiful planter.


9. Walk into any motorcycle shop and there is bound to be a pile of old fenders laying around. Just make a low ball offer and nine times out of ten you will be driving home with them. Most would sell them for scrap, but you could make some really cool planters out of them.


10. Since switching over to a vegan lifestyle I’m sure you have grown out of your old jeans. Why not turn them in the planters? A little creepy? Yes. But guaranteed to get some heads turning.

Denim Jeans Planter

11. Today light bulbs last a lot longer than they use to, but they do make for some really funky planters.


12. You can pick up an old mailbox at a flea market for about .25 and them make for some really neat planters.


13. You can pallets for free just about anywhere, in fact there are websites dedicated to DIY projects using just pallets. Here is a cool application for a neat upright herb garden.


14. As I said there are sites dedicated to DIY projects with pallets, well here is another cool planter project. A little more advanced but very cool. Could even make a nice compost bin.


15. Have you ever heard the expression, “everything but the kitchen sink”? Well how about “Everything and the Bathroom sink planter”.


16. Stop throwing away those Twinings tea tins, they make for a great herb garden.


17. This is a great project for used tires or in the case of this Florida Gator fan, new tires.


18. I had one of these when I was a little boy and I come across them often at garage sales. I always think about buying one for the memories but now I think I actually will.


19. Wine bottles have a great double use, 1. Holding the wine, 2. Holding your plants.


20. Remember that old desk sitting in the garage? Why not place it on the porch and put some plants in it?


There you have it, some really cool uses for some common recycled products.

Have you done a cool DIY planter project you would like to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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