I Cannot Seem To Stay Vegan, How Can I Do This Without Feeling Like I’m Missing Out?

By on June 26, 2015
I can't stay vegan

This is a question I received on the OhSoVeryVegan Facebook page.

I Cannot Seem To Stay Vegan, How Can I Do This Without Feeling Like I’m Missing Out?

I thought hard about this question because there are many different answers to it. The logical question is, why are you going vegan? Without knowing why and reading your question I think it’s safe to assume you are trying it for health reasons. Or to lose a bunch of weight. Nothing wrong with that although some vegans will scorch me for saying that.

Truth is many people try the vegan path for heath reasons especially after Forks over Knives was released to the public. I myself went vegan for health reasons. After several years I did a blood test and my before and after results would shock you, and not in a good way but that’s for another story. For this persons journey all I can say is do the best you can. Figure out what cravings you are yearning for and feed them. For many new vegans it’s a loss of cheese from their diets and if thats the case don’t go straight vegan, try vegetarian for a while.

I find that some people cage themselves in with the vegan label. When you do that you will get the finger pointing if you start saying I’m having a hard time with this vegan thing. That comment will get you screamed at by the vegan police showing you pictures of animals being killed. Then labeling you as a selfish murderer. You can simply avoid all that by removing the vegan tag and switching to “Plant Based Diet”. If it’s a diet you are after then vegan is not for you. Vegan is not a diet, vegan is a lifestyle. Vegan is not just about the food it’s about everything, removing all animals products from your life. No leather seats in your car, no silk shirts in your closet.

In the end I would say don’t stress out, take it little by little do the best you can and enjoy your life.

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