5 Amazing Vegan Pizza Recipes

By Dean Iodice on September 9, 2016
5 Amazing Vegan Pizza Recipes

We all love pizza, don’t we? For some, it’s one of the hardest things to let go when turning Vegan. I grew up on pizza and when I eliminated all animal and animal by-products pizza was missed. I tried frozen vegan pizza to try and fill in the gaps but as you might expect from frozen pizza it missed the mark.

I decided to search for the best vegan pizza recipes I could find. Not only did I search for what I thought was the best I made each recipe. The search for the perfect vegan pizza became an obsession; I never expected there to be so many vegan pizza recipes out there.  And here are 20 great vegan pizza recipes you might want to try.

In the end, I made 17 vegan pizza recipes over a two month period and here are the 5 I enjoyed the most in both taste, preparation and what my non-vegan friends liked.

Please keep in mind, this is not a contest, so the five vegan pizzas on this list are not in any specific order. These are just the top 5 vegan pizzas we loved.

Website Name: The Minimalist Baker
Name of Recipe – My Favorite Vegan Pizza

The Best Vegan Pizza - The Minimalist Baker

What I loved about this vegan pizza was the simplicity of the recipe. The light amount of cheese was the perfect topping so not to walk away with the bloated feeling. All the fresh vegetables were the icing on the cake for this recipe. The presentation on the website was nothing short of perfection. The recipe was easy to follow, and the photography was off the charts amazing. The Minimalist Baker website is not only a work of art but a wonderful resource for amazing vegan recipes.

Website Name: Crazy Vegan Kitchen
Name of Recipe – Vegan Pizza Margherita

Best Vegan Pizza - Vegan Pizza Margherita

This is the pizza you serve to your non-vegan tribe. Trust me when I tell you they won’t know the difference, the presentation alone is that of one of those gourmet pizzas you find in cities like LA and NY. The photos on the Crazy Vegan Kitchen website will make your mouth water. I loved this pizza after every bite I could note wait for the next. The biggest disappoint for me was after the last slice, and I know there was nothing left. This pizza also received a thumbs up from my non-vegan friends. That’s hard to accomplish with pizza.


Website Name: Oh She Glows
Name of Recipe – Easy Roasted Tomato Pizza with Basil Cashew Cheeze

Best Vegan Pizza - Oh She Glows
Is any list complete without a recipe from Oh She Glows? I was making recipes from Angela Liddon before I was even vegan. I was searching for healthy recipes years ago when I came across her website. Her story of how she became vegan is so inspiring, and her recipes are nothing short of spectacular. We I was doing the initial work for this post I knew I would find a great vegan recipe at OhSheGlows.com. My biggest fear would be that I may find more than one and of course I did but was able to narrow it down to this wonderful basil infested dream. I loved everything about this pizza from the sweetness of the roasted tomatoes to the fragrance of the wonderful basil cashew cheese.


Website Name: The Whole Tara
Name of Recipe – Best Healthy Vegan Pizza

Best Vegan Pizza - The Whole Tara

This pizza is so similar to the OhSheGlows recipe but only in visual appearance. I loved the addition of the avocado it takes pizza to a whole new level. This is a relatively easy recipe to prepare and one the entire family will enjoy.


Website Name: Namely Marly
Name of Recipe –Deep Dish Vegan Pepperoni Pizza

Best Vegan Pizza - Namely Marley
Five words on this recipe caught my eye, Deep Dish Vegan Pepperoni Pizza. I can only classify this as a crowd pleaser a deep dish pizza that everyone will love not just vegans. The crust makes this pizza, and you can taste it in every bite.

Pizza is the ultimate party food to share with friends and family. It’s one thing to order pizza and have it delivered, but when you prepare it yourself, everyone loves it. Did I miss a great vegan pizza recipe you like, if so let me know in the comments below?

Here is an entertaining video on how to prepare vegan pizza crust.


The Best Vegan Pizza Toppings Infographic

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