Subway Vegan Subs

By on June 2, 2015
subway vegan menu

Subway finally does it my way! Today I was driving around town running some errands when my growling stomach was begging for some food. I came across a Subway and headed in for a chopped salad when to my surprise they had a big sign advertising their two new vegan subs. Malibu Garden and Black Bean, I was excited.

I ordered the black bean only to be told they did not have them yet. So I settled for the Malibu Garden and it was great. Both are a rectangular patty just like their veggie patty option. What many may not realize it the Subway Veggie Patty is not vegan because it’s made with eggs. I have had the veggie patty in the past and it’s kind of bland. But the Malibu Garden is amazing. A sweet taste and very satisfying.

This is the first Subway I came across that has these new vegan subs. I asked if the people making the sandwich if they had them at all the Subways and his response was “honestly I didn’t even know we had it”. Yet they are front and center on the sign.

Finally good vegan options at Subway.

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