Why Los Angeles Is The Vegan Capital Of The United States

By on July 29, 2014

As more people realize the benefits of adopting a vegan lifestyle, you’ll find the number of eateries and hot spots for vegan fare to expand. While vegetables are a major component of the diet, vegan food has come a long way from just leafy greens. Los Angeles is the vegan capital of the U.S. with a plethora of excellent meat-free places to eat. The following are some top rated spots when you’re traveling to area.

Sage Vegan Bistro

Sage Vegan Bistro LA

Located at 1700 West Sunset Blvd., in Echo Park, Sage Vegan Bistro has a bountiful seasonal menu. Because it adopts a farm-to-table methodology, you know that you’re eating fresh food that is grown locally. The brunch, lunch and dinner options offer gluten-free coconut curry, falafel bowl, butternut squash taco and avocado, spinach and walnut sausage Florentine. They also have KindKreme for those who like to end their meal on a sweet note.

Dr. J’s Vibrant Café
Dr. J's Vibrant Cafe LA

Dr. Juliet Tien opened her café as a way to share Ayurvedic and macrobiotic techniques with other vegan foodies. Located at 334 S. Main in Los Angeles, Dr. Juliet Tien suffered from serious ailments as a child. Through ancient herbology and a healthy diet, she is now able to impart her wisdom through her tasty dishes. While the methods of cooking sound clinical, her menu items are far from it. Her Asian twist on things brings out the flavors in items such as the Philly Portobello cheesesteak, vegetable bulgogi and spam masubi.

Donut Friend


The Donut Friend is a unique way to enjoy this delectable treat. Located at 5107 York Blvd. in Los Angeles, the doughnut shop puts a twist on your regular bakery options. They cut open the doughnuts and insert vanilla or chocolate vegan pastry crème inside. If you’re looking for something sweet and savory, you can even have your doughnut topped with Phoney Baloney coconut bacon.

Cruzer Pizza


If you’re looking for vegan pizza while making your way through L.A., you won’t want to miss Cruzer Pizza. This 100 percent animal-free pizza hot spot is located at 4449 Prospect Ave. in Los Feliz. Daiya cheese is a favorite option among vegans, and it tops their pizzas. In addition to pizza, Cruzer Pizza also offers vegan tiramisu and Philly cheese steak vegan style.

Sun Café

Sun Cafe LA

The Sun Café goes beyond vegan to entice their diners. Known for both their raw and vegan menu options, you’ll find their home-made nut and seed cheeses to be a popular attraction. Located at 10820 Ventura Blvd. in Studio City, some of the cafes highlights include their golden beet linguini, freshed pressed juices, quinoa mac and cheese, smoothies and gluten-free desserts.


crossroads LA

Crossroads is a Mediterranean-themed dining experienced for vegans. Located at 8284 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, Crossroads has something for the bold and inventive palate. Popular options include kale spanakopita, artichoke oysters and lasagna and scallopini with glazed morel mushrooms. While the meals sound meaty, the restaurant is proud of their vegan status.

If you’re on the run and just want to grab and go then check out these hot vegan spots.


If you’re looking for snacks on the go or a deli with excellent sandwiches, you’ll want to ensure a stop at Organix. Located at 1731 Colorado Blvd. in Eagle Rock, they provide a wealth of products dedicated to a sustainable and healthy diet. The grocery store section is like a rainbow of healthy treats and household items. They also have some great menu items for both children and adults. From burgers and sandwiches to Mexican fare and specialty items, their vegan food options are plentiful.

Bramble BakeShop

The Bramble BakeShop is located at 1650 Echo Park Ave. in Los Angeles. Specializing in custom cakes and delectable treats, this vegan bakery offers sustainable items that are certified organic. From their devils delight mini cakes to their sprinkle bomb cookies, their curbside delivery gives vegan baking a whole new meaning.

Los Angeles Farmers Market

With over 3 million visitors traveling to the open market yearly, the Los Angeles Farmers Market is a find for vegans. With over 100 restaurants and grocers to choose from the selection of fruits, vegetables, nuts, spices, flowers and baked goods are endless. They also have a large number of vendors that cater to the vegan diet, so you won’t be lacking in food choices.

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