Traveling to New York, the Big Apple, is a Vegan’s Dream

By on July 24, 2014
New York A Vegans Dream

Traveling to New York, the Big Apple, is a vegan’s dream, and Manhattan is the center of that dream. Because of the many restaurants and shopping centers available in the district, vegans have been flocking to Manhattan. From intricate meals to basic appetizers, Manhattan has it all. If there are any vegans out there who have been looking for places to eat, this list is a compilation of the top six food choices in the Manhattan area.

The Cinnimon Snail New York

Cinnamon Snail
The Cinnamon Snail truck is a traveling vegan food truck. The company originated in New Jersey, but it has recently spread its wings to cover the Manhattan area as well. The truck services the vegan community by offering regular foods with a vegan twist. Things like pizza and hamburgers are modified to fit a vegan’s diet, and the dieters love it. During its first appearance in Manhattan, Cinnamon Snail sold out of several dishes, but they did not close their doors. There were dozens of customers lined up to get a tasted of what the snail had to offer.

Dirt Candy New York

Dirt Candy
Dirt Candy is unique in the way that they serve their dishes. At this restaurant, people of all diets are able to come and enjoy a meal. Everything on the menu can be adjusted to fit a vegetarian or vegan diet, so it is not mandatory to eat with people with the same food tastes. When planning a trip to this establishment, it is advised to call ahead. The diner is very small, and it fills up quickly, but the food is well worth the extra effort of making a reservation.

Candle Cafe New York

Candle Café
The Candle Café has two little establishments on Third Avenue and in the Upper East End that focus on vegans and those living a gluten-free lifestyle. Thanks to the way that the menu was created, this restaurant is perfect for those who wish to eat with people who are not necessarily vegan but are still concerned about a healthy diet. On Saturdays and Sundays, one would want to plan ahead. The restaurant serves brunch over the weekends, so everyone has about an hour wait before being seated. That is a small price to pay for wonderful food and service.

chennai-garden New york

Chennai Garden
Chennai Garden is right in the center of “Curry Hill”. Most of the restaurants in this area focus on delicacies like lamb and chicken tandoori, but Chennai Garden has a wide variety of vegetable and vegan dishes. At Chennai Garden, the chefs do not prepare meals that lack in flavor and spice just because they are vegetarian or vegan. When searching for a quick place to grab some lunch, this is one of the best places to go.

Hangawi New York

At Hangawi, one can expect to be served Korean dishes with flair. The dishes are vegetarian, so the sizzling meat is not available, but that does not mean that the dishes are any less in flavor than what other Korean restaurants serve. Not only does the restaurant offer vegetarian dishes, but gluten-free dieters have a food selection here as well. The best part of the meal has to be the environment. Guests remove their shoes, and the atmosphere could be considered meditative. At Hangawai, one could expect gourmet cuisines in a true Korean style.

Vegan Shop-Ups
A vegan shop-up is just like a farmer’s market, except that it focuses on vegan meals, meal planning and educating about the vegan diet. The rise in popularity of the vegan diet has spawned a rise in the number of pop-ups available each month, and some of the pop-ups even donate some proceeds to animal rescue centers and services. While the original shop-up caters to the vegan lifestyle, the second shop-up typically caters to a variety of diets. Vegan shopping has gotten a lot easier with the shop-ups coming in bi-monthly as opposed to monthly.

In recent years, more and more people have been trying to find healthier diets, and the vegan diet has been one of the most tried and true diets available. People are beginning to focus more on their eating habits than ever before, and that focus is what has encouraged chefs to experiment with new dishes in order to serve the vegan community better. Manhattan has many more vegan restaurants, and it is recommended that visitors and locals visit each one in order to taste the many options available.

Do you know of any hot vegan spots in the Big Apple we might have missed? Let us know below in the comments.

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  1. The Seed

    February 22, 2015 at 10:00 pm

    The Seed creates in New York City premier consumer events that empowers and introduces attendees to a plant-based and vegan way of life. Besides its grand annual event it produces also a monthly pop-up market in Manhattan. At all events leading brands and local vendors exhibit, while renowned speakers give presentations and chefs workshops and demonstrations, among other activities.