The Biggest Lie in The Dairy Industry

By on July 2, 2014
Dairy is bad

A barrage of information about unhealthy eating and diet habits is shoveled at the American public practically every day. Swimming through the sea of details proves difficult when the incorrect information is presented. However, understanding the truth behind cow’s milk will help people to better their lives and to work toward a new diet.

Cow’s Milk and Infants
For years, individuals have believed that little ones should go directly from their mother’s breast milk to cow’s milk. The article “Cow’s Milk is Bad for Humans discusses some of the effects that drinking this substance can have for children. Links between cow’s milk and infants included colic, ear infections, weakened immune systems, stomach issues and so forth. The article also notes that the infant does not have to drink the cow’s milk directly. The protein can be transmitted if the mother is breastfeeding, and she has consumed cow’s milk herself.

Annoying Ailments
From time to time, most people are going to experience some sort of annoying pain or irritation, but it should not be a common occurrence. “Cow’s Milk is Bad for Humans” also discusses some annoying symptoms that people might experience from drinking cow’s milk. People can deal with constipation, and they can have muscle cramps and headaches too. Many people also deal with frequent headaches, and they also feel tired all of the time. Milk can be one of the reasons for these problems too. While other causes can be at the root of the problem, you should not rule out cow’s milk as the trouble.

Diseases: Some Serious Too
Some people might say that they can deal with headaches and stomach problems once in awhile. If you’re within this group, then you should be aware of the sicknesses that drinking cow’s milk could cause. For example, if your immune system is weakened, then you are just generally more susceptible to disease. You may end up getting colds on a regular basis. Furthermore, the aforementioned article notes that drinking cow’s milk can lead to obesity and heart problems too. This assertion has been based upon some studies.

Cow’s Milk and Obesity
Understanding the link between drinking cow’s milk and suffering from obesity is crucial for a country that is seeing sky-high obesity rates for both children and adults. Cow’s milk itself can be an acting agent in obesity troubles, but so can other foods associated with it. Simply consider the foods that are generally made from cow’s milk. Milk, cream, butter, cheese and all of the rest are not usually considered to be the healthiest of foods. If you are tempted into drinking milk on a regular basis, then these other unhealthy options likely have an appeal to you as well.

Opting for Veganism
Knowing what the differences are between a vegetarian and a vegan will help you to see how the latter lifestyle can steer you away from cow’s milk. While vegetarians do not eat any meat, vegans do not consume any animal products at all. As a result, a vegan diet would eliminate the drinking of cow’s milk. Individuals who choose a vegan diet are also doing their part to stand up for animal rights. Many animals are cruelly treated to obtain their food and their food diets. A vegan diet does not tolerate this type of abuse.

Vegan Alternatives to Milk
Although you are not planning to drink cow’s milk anymore, you still want something to mix with your cereal. Fortunately, in a world that is becoming more animal-friendly and more health conscious by the minute, plenty of supermarkets are making such options available. Soy milk and rice milk are two of the most popular choices for those who do not drink cow’s milk. Almond milk is another type that has made its presence known in the marketplace. Some individuals will even make their own milk, so you can check out recipes for making your milk at home.

The decision to entirely eliminate cow’s milk is one that many people are making in an effort to be healthier and to save animals from cruel abuse and mistreatment. Not only will the elimination of cow’s milk assist you with these goals, but it can have substantial benefits for your overall health and well-being.

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