The Benefits of Starting An Herb Garden

By on August 11, 2014
Starting An Herb Garden

Starting an herb garden is an easy and enjoyable process. The basic requirements for this type of garden are sunshine, fertilizer, soil that drains, and water. Although herbs can grow in pots, the plants prefer to grow in the ground where there is enough space to spread out. In some instances, plants can grow as large as 6 feet. Pots can stunt the growth of plants and cause stress that prevents the plant from reaching its full potential.

Location is Important 
The most important requirement for starting an herb garden is proper location. Herbs prefer an abundance of sunlight. This is only when temperatures remain below 90 degrees. Individuals that live in a place that experiences increasingly warm summers should consider planting herbs in an area that receives sunlight in the morning and shade during the afternoon. It is best to monitor the planting area throughout the day to ensure the plants are receiving at least four hours of continuous sunlight.

Prepare The Soil
It is important to prepare the soil when staring an herb garden. Loosening soil that has become compacted over time may require some digging with garden tools. Loosening the soil creates space for the roots of the plant and helps water drain properly. If this step is not completed correctly, it may be devastating for the plants. The addition of compost to the soil helps avoid drainage issues. The soil requires around one inch of compost on the top and a mixture throughout. The additional compost is also useful as a fertilizer for the soil.

Plant Herbs and Water Them Appropriately 
Watering the herbs may seem like an obvious step; however, this step is considerably important. In some cases, different herbs may become dry quicker than others. Moreover, humidity and temperature can cause drying times to vary during the course of a week. For that reason, it is important to monitor the soil regularly. Additionally, over-watering the plants can cause poor growing conditions, reduced growth, and disease. Although herbs need water as soon as they become dry; many herbs prefer water when the soil right below the surface becomes dry.

Starting an herb garden

Benefits of an Herb Garden
1. Saving Time and Money – Purchasing herbs individually from a grocery store or supermarket is expensive. In some cases, the local grocer will not stock the herb needed for a certain recipe. When this occurs, finding a specialty store and paying more money is inescapable. However, after paying the initial costs to start the herb garden, the time and money saved is unbelievable.

2. Fresh Herbs Available 24/7 – One of the major benefits of starting an herb garden is having access to fresh herbs at any given time. Whenever a particular herb is needed, it is only a few feet away. The convenience of having the right ingredients available, at any time, is a satisfying feeling.

3. Relieve Stress – The process of tending an herb garden can help relieve stress and calm anxiety. Visiting an herb garden can take the mind away from stressors that build up during daily routines. The smells and sights of the garden are also delightful to the senses and can offer relaxation.

4. Herbs Are Good For You –Fresh herbs are beneficial to diet regimens and personal health. Herbs are also an ideal way to boost vitamin intake. It is important to add that aside from eating the herbs, gardening is an effective form of exercise. Tending the garden consists of digging, stretching, and bending that can begin to tone muscles after a while. Gardening can also offer provide moderate weight loss and healthier skin.

Starting an herb garden

5. Gardening is Fun – Although it may not be a clean hobby, gardening is an enjoyable activity. Watching herbs grow and taking care of the garden can provide a rewarding experience. Planning and starting the garden is fun and the growing herbs can add beauty to any area.

Starting an herb garden is a simple and pleasurable activity. This process can relieve stress, save money, and even provide some exercise. Having fresh herbs available at anytime can be good for mental and physical health. Although starting an herb garden is a hobby that requires some patience, the benefits are more than worth the time and effort.

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