Target Targets Vegans With Their New Line Of Vegan Meats

By on February 26, 2015

There is something to be said for the vegan lifestyle. The popularity of vegan products is getting bigger and bigger. A walk through Whole Foods market displays shelves and shelves of great vegan products. One of the biggest complaints from vegans is the cost of these products. I rarely walk out of Whole Foods with a bill less than $175.00 and trust me when I say that there is  not a lot of bags I’m carrying out.

Vegan Meats at Target

Good news for budget minded vegans, Target has just launched their own line of vegan meats. This is huge for the vegan community, Target is known for quality products at discount prices so finally vegans can start eating affordable at home.

So if you have a Target in your town, and I’m certain you do head on over and grab a package.

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