Los Angeles The Vegan Capital Of The United States

By on November 3, 2014
Vegan Restaurants LA

There aren’t many cities in the United States that are practically knocking on your door if you’re a vegan. Stroll down any side street, no matter how run down, and you’re sure to see something telling you vegans are welcome. If you’re tired of living in a world where you’re constantly accosted with a chorus of “But you don’t eat meat? Or cheese?”, then bury yourself in LA’s restaurant culture where they’ll welcome your slightly unorthodox ways with (trim) open arms.

Cruzer Pizza and Pasta
If you’re like all the other vegans out there, you’re tired of getting the phone calls from the pizza joints asking if you’re absolutely sure you didn’t mean to order it heaped with cheese. Cruzer understands this vegan dilemma, so they’ve taken on the task of creating a completely dairy and meat free pizza joint. It’s even got an airy and tasty gluten free option upon request. Your vegan cheese is guaranteed gooey and you certainly won’t be missing that Papa John’s pizza. You also won’t have to give up your meat toppings; Cruzer has a completely satisfactory selection of imitation meats available. The restaurant is tight quarters, though, so if you require lots of room for your vegan delights, opt for take out or delivery.

Stuff I Eat
This cute little eatery will make you feel like you’re in your grandma’s cozy kitchen, just minus the meat and butter. If you feel like you’re needing some comfort food, you’ll be right at home here. Sweet waitstaff have been known to gently scold you for not cleaning your plate (just like Grandma used to!). Fall into soul food heaven with vegan mac and cheese, black eyed pees, succulent greens, and cornbread. Try the Untuna sandwich for something completely original, and heap your plate up with fresh greens. All of the restaurant’s food is preservative free and they’ll bend over backwards to make your food gluten free. Vegans of all people know exactly what it’s like to have a specific diet, so if you’re on a restricted diet, they’ll kindly accommodate you.

LA Vegan
When you’re thinking vegan food, you probably aren’t thinking “reasonably priced”. LA Vegan has thrown that notion out the window with their well priced vegan menu. The fact that the restaurant provides a vegan option for many different non-vegan dishes out there is another reason why LA residents flock here. Based on Yelp reviews, patrons adore the restaurant’s crunchy fried seaweed rolls and their infamous Drunken Noodles, a spicy dish of pan fried flat noodles. If you secretly miss meat, then you’re in for a treat. Greet your long lost friends like shrimp, chicken, and fish with the restaurant’s creative soy options. Fried shrimp? No problem. Fish sandwich? Open your mouth, friend. It’s all here.

Breakaway Bakery
Society may not realize that vegans are often left out of baked goods. While your friends are stuffing their faces with a fluffy cupcake or airy pastry, you’re sitting in the corner with something that’s dry and gummy. Breakaway Bakery feels the same way, and they’re putting an end to gross vegan baked goods with some of LA’s best baked goodies. Choose from a moist snickerdoodle or maple cupcake, or perk up your mornings with a chocolate glazed donut that will make you forget all about Dunkin Donuts. If you’ve been missing some more unique goodies, the Breakaway Bakery’s babka bun is a delight for even non-vegans because it’s literally oozing with melted dark chocolate.

Vegin Out
You’re probably jealous of the non-vegans who can just roll up to any drive through window or restaurant and have something fast and easy to eat on the go or take home. Your take out choices are usually limited to Thai or Indian food. Well, if you’re lucky enough to be an LA resident, Vegin Out has seen your frustration and offers you a delivery service that is just for the vegans. They send you one week’s worth of healthy, fresh vegan meals right to your door. If your friends joke that you eat like a professional football player, then this is the place for you. Hugely portioned entrees include things like seitan stroganoff, split pea soup, lentil loaf, and a Mexican bulgur salad.

Vegan House
This restaurant has a common theme in all of its reviews: it feels like home. Patrons dote on the cozy and friendly atmosphere that greets every guest. The restaurant leaves the windows open to allow a fresh breeze throughout, aiding them in their earthy and comfy ambience. By far, the guest favorite is the restaurant’s soy chicken wings. Reviewers have said that you wouldn’t even know it wasn’t real chicken except it doesn’t have bones or those weird gristle bits. If you want something warm and hearty, the diverse menu of Asian inspired soups are just what you need on a chilly fall day.

Eating out as a vegan doesn’t have to be a game of baked potatoes, wilted salads, and salsa. Los Angeles’ diverse population has ensured the town has a variety of unique and delicious spots that agree that cheese and bacon aren’t what make the world go around.

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