Lego Land Florida…Not So Very Vegan

By on July 31, 2014
LegoLand Florida

So I took a family trip to LegoLand Florida last week, my 6 year old has been begging to go. I was excited myself, growing up with Legos and now my son getting into them we share a bond that only Star Wars Lego geeks can understand. I was a little worried about what I was going to eat in the park, but a lot of friends have been telling me that more and more amusement parks are becoming vegan or at the very least vegetarian friendly. I did pack a few cliff bars and nuts but other than that I left myself in the hands of LegoLand.

Upon walking into the park I saw what I thought was my first vegan friendly offering,  Apple Fries. I walked up and asked what are Apple Fries? A fine young LegoLand employee showed me a beautiful bright green granny smith apple and said “we take this, slice it, bread it and deep fry it in oil, then top it with whipped cream”. Shot down, not vegan friendly at all, not even healthy for that matter.

Lunch was no better, it’s hard enough to find food at LegoLand and when you do, it’s hotdogs or fried chicken. At this point I was starving. I did finally fall upon a panini restaurant with a very limited menu, and then there it was all the way at the bottom of the menu, what they called the vegetarian panini. Bread with roasted vegetables and melted mozzarella cheese. Hmmm, hold the cheese and we have something. Or so I thought. I placed my order and here is how it went:

Me: Yes can I have the vegetarian panini without the cheese please.

Lego Land Employee: Did you say without the cheese?

Me: Yes without the cheese.

Lego Land Employee: Do you have a food allergy or something?

Me: No I don’t eat dairy, I’m vegan.

Lego Land Employee: Are you allergic to cheese?

Me: No, I just don’t eat cheese.

Lego Land Employee: Yeah, uh, we can’t remove the cheese unless you have a food allergy.

Me: What?

Lego Land Employee: Yeah, uh we….

Me: Yeah, uh I heard you, just make the sandwich without the cheese.

Lego Land Employee: The sandwiches are already made, so unless you have a food allergy we cannot do that.

Me: Ok, have it your way I have a food allergy, don’t put cheese on it.


Me: Thank you

Lego Land Employee: It will be a while.

Unreal, I did finally get the sandwich. The grilled veggie panini consisted of 2 sliced cucumbers, 1 tomato, 4 red onions and and lettuce. Total price $8.99.

Lego Land does not make it on the list of vegan friendly vacation spots.

Have you have a similar situation at an amusement part or restaurant? Or do you know of any vegan friendly amusement parks? We would all love to know, let use know in the comments below.

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