Is It Vegan – iPhone App Review

By on July 22, 2014
Is It Vegan iPhone App Review

When you are first getting started eating a vegan diet, it’s very overwhelming. Trying to figure out what’s vegan friendly and what’s not is a challenge. In time you will figure it all out on your own but in the meantime it’s nice to have  tools to help make the right decisions.

“Is It Vegan” is an iPhone app with a simple barcode scanner. Simply scan the product in questions bar code and “Is It Vegan” goes to work. It will show you whether the product is vegan, vegetarian or neither.  It will break down the list of ingredients for you quick and easy. With a database of hundreds of thousands of products you will be hard pressed not to get an accurate reading.

is it vegan-iphone

Aside from scanning the products barcode you can search the database by manually typing a product name of even search by ingredient. As an example I typed “casein” into the search field and “Is It Vegan” delivered a a bunch of different casein results. I then selected “milk casein” and the results were: Classification: Vegetarian, Description: This ingredient is animal derived, but is not from the flesh of an animal. So casein is good for vegetarians but not for vegans. Because as you may or may not know vegans do not eat animal flesh or any animal by products such as milk, eggs or honey.

“Is It Vegan” is a nice little tool for the vegan who is just getting started or even the seasoned vegan who might be unsure or not totally trust what the label says. You can get the ad supported version from the Apple App Store for free, or go for the ad free version for $4.99.

Do you use an iPhone app for any of your vegan activities? If so we’d love to hear about it. Let us know in the comments below

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