Here Is The Method That Helped Jennifer Lopez Drop 10 lbs And 1 Dress Size

By on June 30, 2014
Jennifer Lopez Turns Vegan

Jennifer Lopez has lost a lot of weight recently. She found herself dropping a full dress size and 10 lbs. What did she do? Jennifer was found doing something powerful, easy, and simple. She changed over to a vegan diet, and she quickly realized a life changing experience.

Why did she want to try the vegan diet?
Jennifer explained in an interview that she primarily wanted to get rid of that 8 to 10 lbs that were staying on her. After she delivered her baby awhile ago, she found that losing weight was not a problem, but it was those extra few pounds she wanted shed that have become a challenge.

Jennifer’s Experience
She lost those 8-10 lbs within 3-5 weeks after sticking to her vegan diet and exercising rigorously. She remained healthy by also working out at the gym. Her personal fitness trainer helped her lose even more weight to help maintain her health. She explained that her energy and mood boosted naturally without much work on her part. People were telling her how her energy changed and she’s more upbeat than normal.

How long was she on a vegan diet?
Jennifer stuck to it for about four to five weeks. After that short period, she moved on to gaining and eating a bit more protein and changed it up so that she had a bit more food. She was purely vegan for five weeks, and she said, “I did full vegan for almost four, five weeks, then I just started incorporating proteins for myself.” She then went on explaining how she wanted to add plants, vegetables, and other fruits because those are still essential for gaining more natural protein and strength.

Jennifer has been beginning to have her kids get into the diet as well. She has made small changes going from regular milk to almond milk for the kids, and small changes made big differences.

Tips on going Vegan
Take out the foods you have that don’t complement this diet. You don’t want all those eggs or other tasty sweets tempting you. Keep a log of the foods you eat, and see which ones you enjoy. Avoid frozen foods like frozen pizza or frozen burritos. Frozen foods aren’t exactly good food. Instead, give yourself extra time to create your foods during the day.

As a vegan, understand that you can edit things for your liking. For example, Jennifer Lopez believes that having vegetables is great to eat after several weeks to help give you that extra boost. You can make slight changes.

It is important to remember that working out is extremely important. Combining good exercise and being on the vegan diet can help you achieve the same results as Jennifer. Maintaining good exercise is extremely important to lose as much weight as possible, but it is required to also achieve better energy and be fit. Jennifer Lopez knows herself based on her children’s experiences that it is not easy to be a vegan. It could take more time than normal to get used to this diet compared to others. However, it does give results to those who stick to it for several weeks and use it as a stepping stone living a healthier lifestyle.

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