Heaven In The Form Of A Vegan Bakery In Bethlehem PA

By on October 9, 2014
Vegan Treats Bakery

I love to eat.  Which is why I began running, for health reasons I wanted to be sure that my BMI was average.  With that said I should also mention that I am not a super-health conscious vegan.  I do however believe in the healing powers of consuming a raw vegan diet which is the diet that I now follow.  From time to time I like to indulge.  So on the weekend of Saturday September 6, 2014—my indulgence cravings grew strong when my husband and I embarked on a trip to Bethlehem, PA.  The reason for this weekend getaway was to run the Lehigh Valley (VIA) marathon.  At this time last year, when I ran this race my family and I were able to enjoy the Veg Fest, which took place in Allentown, PA.  It was absolutely wonderful! Some of the best vegan eateries in the area were there including the infamous Vegan Treats Bakery.

Many of our favorite vegan restaurants in New York, order their desserts from Vegan Treats which allowed us to satisfy our sweet tooth from time to time.  Now it was time to experience first-hand all the magical wonders of this brilliant bakery.  On the drive there I told my husband that I planned to buy several cakes (including the brownie-bottom cheesecake—which is simply to die for!) to bring back home to New York and freeze them so that we could pull one out for special occasions. At first he laughed at me until he realized that I was serious, and reminded me that we did not have enough space in our freezer to accommodate that many cakes.

Vegan Treats is located in a small town, so small that we were in pure disbelief when our GPS informed us that we had reached our destination.  Located on Linden Street, this haven for vegans rests modestly in a humble neighborhood.  Once you step inside you are immediately greeted by super friendly and nice staff who only add to the appeal of this decadently delicious, cruelty free bakery.

The Menu

What to order? With so many options, for your first visit you will need to take a few moments to review their menu.  There are so many clever and creative sweet concoctions that I changed my order three times.  Our waitress was so kind and understanding (I’m sure they often have indecisive customers!) she actually helped me with my final order.  I went with a gluten free peanut butter bomb cake and my husband ordered a death by chocolate cake.  Both were amazing! The waitress was kind enough to give us a sample of soft serve ice cream which was brownie batter for that day —this too was heavenly.  I inquired about purchasing a whole 9 inch brownie bottom cheesecake but decided against this since I feared I would eat most of it that night in the hotel room, which would spell disaster for my performance during the race the next day.  I vowed to return the next day for a cake to take home.  Vegan Treats BakeryInstead I purchased two cookies to go: a mandarin white chocolate and a cowboy.  The cowboy cookie is simply out of this world! It is a really thick cookie, which has chocolate chip, oatmeal, pecan and coconut in it.

A trip to Vegan Treats is a must for all!  Danielle Konya is definitely a pioneer in vegan baking.  Cruelty free restaurants are on the rise, whether for health or ethical reasons, people are reducing their animal consumption.  Vegan Treats Bakery proves the point that a cruelty free diet can be full of variety and very delicious.

Have you ever been to Vegan Treats Bakery? We would love to hear your thoughts on it, or share a vegan bakery you love.

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