Eating Vegan While On Vacation

By on June 12, 2014
Eating Vegan While on vacation

The decision to go vegan is not one that won’t go without any obstacles. This is especially true when you are on vacation, as you will surely have less options to choose from that will accommodate to your dietary choices. That being said, it certainly isn’t impossible. Instead it will simply take a bit more planning and preparation on your behalf. Here are some tips for eating vegan while on vacation that you can keep in mind.

Plan Ahead For Lodging
The entire theme of finding vegan food is going to revolve around the idea to plan ahead. Therefore, it’s important that you keep this in mind as you are planning your vacation. When you go to book your lodging accommodations, look for a place that has a kitchen area that will allow you to prepare and cook your own food. In doing so, you’ll be able to avoid going out for every meal and paying extra just for healthy options. If you are traveling with family, try and set up times that you agree to go out and times that you’ll cook in. This will keep everyone on the trip happy.

Go Grocery Shopping
The last thing anyone wants to do while on vacation is go grocery shopping. However, to live the vegan lifestyle you might have to make a sacrifice. Once you get to your vacation destination, look for groceries stores or, even better, natural food stores that offer a wide array of food options. The more that you can find at the grocery store, the easier it will be to cook back at your hotel.

Pack Snacks
If you are taking a road trip, or even a long flight, be sure that you pack enough vegan snacks before you leave. Of course you won’t want to have to lug a bunch of food through security if you are flying. However, if you have a few things that you can snack on before you get to your destination, it’ll eliminate the need to buy snacks at the airport gift shop.

Look For Vegan Menu Options
In the event that you have to go out to eat, or if you are stuck in the airport for an extended layover or delay, look for restaurants that have vegan options on the menu. You may have to pay a bit more, but it may be your only choice. Your best bet is to look for restaurants that offer food that is similar to what you’d eat at home on a vegan diet. Obviously you’ll want to avoid steakhouses, but you can consider Mediterranean, Middle Eastern or Asian restaurants, all of which often have a variety of beans, salads and plant-based proteins to choose from.

Going vegan doesn’t have to be any more difficult when traveling, as long as you plan ahead. Even in times that you may be in a pinch, you still will have options available if you look carefully enough. The next time you are taking off for an extended trip, be sure to consider these tips for vegan eating while on vacation.

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