Can a vegan diet be rich in protein?

By on June 11, 2014
Can a vegan diet be rich in protein?

One of the biggest concerns people have with adopting a vegan lifestyle is the appropriate intake of protein. Without regular dairy and meat how does one get the necessary protein in their diet?

Meat eaters have are convinced that a diet rich in meat and poultry is essential to our health and believe that vegans are protein deprived. Nothing could be farther from the truth! A vegan diet can not only be rich in proteins, it can contain enough proteins to help you with your athletic training. Brendan Brazier, the Canadian 50km Ultra Marathon Champion, is a vegan athlete who is committed to spreading the word about the goodness of going vegan.

Vegan Food Rich In Proteins  

Green vegetables are a powerhouse of proteins! You can either buy fresh green vegetables from your local farmer or vegan store or grow some in your own backyard. Including green vegetables in your regular diet can ensure you get your regular source of proteins. French beans for example have approximately 13 grams of protein and are great in salads. One cup of boiled green peas have around 9 grams of protein, while two cups of cooked kale have about 5 grams.

Buckwheat is not at all like the regular wheat. It is quite similar to the rhubarb and only the seeds of the buckwheat are eaten. Japanese have an interesting way of using buckwheat. They use it to make an interesting sort of noodles called soba. Buckwheat is more popularly ground into flour. It is a protein rich alternative for those seeking a gluten free alternative as well.

Chia Seeds
Chia seeds can be sourced at your local food store or vegan store. Chia is a plant belonging to the mint family. The Chia seeds are not only rich in protein but also rich in omega 3 fatty acids. They are a storehouse of minerals, irons, magnesium and zinc and also have more fiber content than flax seeds or nuts. Including Chia seeds in your breakfast can add the necessary proteins to your diet.

Tofu is not only easily available but it is not very heavy on the pocket either. This soy rich food product contains about 9 grams of proteins per 4 ounces. It is easy to mix into a salad or convert into a recipe of your choice.

Lentils are a great source of proteins! They can be used to make delicious gravies, burgers or casseroles. Lentils are easily available at food stores. They are easy to store and easy to prepare making them a common item in many vegan kitchens.

Quinoa is famous for being a vegan lover’s favorite. Quinoa is primarily a plant whose seeds are used by vegans in a lot of food preparations. The protein content per 100 grams of Quinoa seeds is more than 100gms of brown rice. Nutritionists have declared quinoa as a source of complete proteins. A lot of vegans have added quinoa to their diets to get the necessary proteins for their requirement.

Tempeh is a form of soy cake made by fermenting soybeans. Though tempeh originated in Indonesia it is now widely used by vegans world over. Once cup of tempeh has been proven to pack in about 30 grams of protein which is much more than 5 eggs or meat patties commonly used in burgers!

Chickpeas are legumes rich in amino acids, specifically lysine. Chickpeas can be made into a traditional Arabic hummus or added to a salad.

Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter is a delicious source of protein. A couple of spoons of peanut butter contain almost 9 grams of protein! If you want to include some proteins in your regular diet all you need to do is add some peanut butter to it.

Hemp Seeds
Contrary to the popular belief that hemp seeds are only used for narcotic purposed, hemp seeds are being actively used by vegans to add proteins to their diets. A couple of spoons of hemp seeds have about 10 grams of proteins. Besides proteins hempseeds are also rich in fatty acids like omega 3.

Simple additions to your regular food can ensure that you have a sufficient intake of proteins without the help of either dairy or meat.

A vegan diet not only helps you establish an environment friendly lifestyle but also minimizes the risk to cardiac diseases, hypertension, cancer and other such ailments. Vegans have reported a healthy weight loss and a healthier, glowing skin.

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