5 Great Vegan Spots In Orlando Florida

By on August 25, 2014

Visiting Orlando Florida is always a fun-filled time for families, couples, and individuals alike. The main tourist strip is home to a variety of popular chain restaurants, including a few that can’t be found anywhere else. It can be difficult however, to find a place to eat if your family has dietary restrictions. Vegans in particular tend to have a difficult time locating suitable restaurants because the majority of the eateries in the hotel district tend to base their menus on what the majority of people will find appealing. They tend to offer very few vegan options, short of a basic salad or vegetable soup (which probably has beef broth in it). Despite the main tourist area’s lack of vegan friendly foods, those willing to travel a short distance are in for a treat! Orlando is actually home to quite a variety of vegan friendly restaurants, and there are even those which serve exclusively vegan food. The following list is by no means a complete account of the entire vegan restaurant community in Orlando, but merely highlights some favored local spots.

Vegan in Orlando Dandelion-Communitea-Café

1.) Dandelion Communitea Café
Dandelion is one of the most unique restaurants in Orlando, and is a favorite destination for many locals. Originally conceived as a tea house with 100% vegan food options, Dandelion has grown over the past 6+ years into a full-fledged mecca of vegan culinary delights. Their chili is some of the best there is, and is even loved by the meat eaters who visit just as regularly as strict herbivores. Set up inside of a bright green mid 20th century house in the heart of Orlando’s artsy Thornton Park district, Dandy is a definite must-see for any vegan tourist willing to make the trek away from the hustle and bustle of I-Drive.

loving-hut Orlando vegan restaurant

2.) Loving Hut International Café
Loving Hut is not actually an Orlando exclusive like the other places on this list. Still, it deserves an honorable mention due to the sheer deliciousness of the food. Loving Hut boasts a sizeable menu of vegan-friendly Pan Asian cuisine. Imagine anything you might have ever seen on a Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, or Thai restaurant suddenly available as a delicious vegan treat! Loving Hut is constantly updating their menus, and even if you’ve been to one before there are exciting regional items only available at certain locations.

woodlands vegan restaurant Orlando

3.) Woodlands Indian Cuisine
Woodlands has been rated one of the top restaurants by the Orlando Weekly for the past few years, and with good reason. In addition to having an entirely vegetarian menu, Woodlands is also considered one of the most authentic Indian restaurants in the entire city. The menu is based specifically on cuisine found in the coastal region of Udipi India. This adherence to one specific region’s culinary tradition serves to ensure than just about anything you order will taste delightful when paired with anything else. Sambar, the house lentil soup is to die for, try it!

cafe-118-degrees Orlando Florida Vegan Restaurant

4.) Café 118
Known as “Florida’s Premiere Living Cuisine Café”, Café 118 is a raw foodie’s paradise. While not exclusively vegan, this place is a definite must-see for any visitor. They have a strict policy of not heating anything over 118 degrees (hence the name), so diners can be assured that they are absorbing the maximum amount of nutrients possible. A lack of cooking doesn’t indicate a lack of preparation however. Visitors will still enjoy painstakingly crafted, unique and mouthwatering dishes that truly showcase the real flavors of your favorite veggies.

Mellow-Mushroom vegan orlando restaurant

5.) Mellow Mushroom
Sometimes being the lone vegan in a group can be a hassle. For those traveling without any fellow vegans, Mellow Mushroom is a great place to visit. The menu is primarily a meat-eater’s paradise, but they also have a ton of vegan options. The ‘shroom is mostly known for their delicious and unique pizzas. Vegans will be delighted to find out that in addition to the traditional mozzarella, they also offer Daiya vegan cheese as a topping option. Additionally, the staff is super comfortable with catering dishes to specific dietary requirements, just ask.

Though it has been somewhat difficult in the past, traveling while vegan doesn’t have to be a headache anymore. Vegan restaurants are popping up more frequently every day, and even places which cater to more omnivorous diets are exploring vegan options beyond the usual garden salad and hummus plate. With a little bit of research, and the willingness to explore the city, anyone can find a meal that is both satisfying and health conscious.

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