31 Companies That You Didn’t Think Tested On Animals

By on July 12, 2014
Companies That Test On Animals

Vegans come in many different flavors, some practice a vegan diet but wear leather tennis shoes. Others have leather seats in their cars. Some eat dairy while others stick to a die hard vegan lifestyle. No matter which vegan lifestyle¬†you live, we all started somewhere. A lot start with a plant based diet and then slowly get more involved. What really changes you over time is when you experience or see videos of the mistreatment of animals. So many think it’s just farm animals that get the short end of the stick. That’s just the beginning, there are so many animals affected by companies using them for product testing.

When you start watching the videos about the abuse it changes you. Animal cruelty has to stop, what right do we have as humans to test on poor innocent animals? It’s wrong and it needs to stop, it’s time to boycott the companies that do this useless animal testing.

We created the info graphic below to alert you to some major corporations who conduct needless animal testing, there are many more but you should know all of them on this list.

**Disclaimer** Toms of Maine is on this list because they are owned by Colgate that does indeed test on Animals.

Companies that do animal testing

Please share this info graphic with your friends and other fellow vegans. Spread the news and help save the defenseless animals that share our world.

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