10 Things You Must Avoid On A Vegan Diet

By on June 16, 2014
10 Foods To Avoid On A Vegan Diet

Switching to a vegan diet means a lot more than simply not eating meat. Vegans avoid all foods made using animal products. That includes food made with additives or processed with materials derived from animal sources. Vegans often choose organic products to get fresh whole foods of the highest nutritional value. Local farmer’s markets are a good source of fresh vegetables and fruits. The variety of produce available may surprise you.

Here’s a list of the top 10 foods to eliminate when switching to a vegan diet. While it can be challenging, especially at first, to switch to a vegan diet, a careful change will be reflected in your increased health and energy.

Meat and Poultry
Eliminating animal protein from your diet is the big first step toward any kind of vegetarian diet, and a vegan diet in particular. Vegans get protein from plenty of plant sources and should eat a varied diet of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Vitamin B12 is harder to obtain for vegans. Fermented foods, such as tamari and naturally made sauerkraut, supply that vitamin.

Fish and Shellfish
Fish is another concentrated source of protein. Certain fish, including salmon, are the chief source for Omega-3 fatty acids. Vegans avoid Omega-3 supplements for that reason. A vegan diet supplies Omega-3 with beans, nuts, seeds and other sources.

Dairy Products
Dairy is allowed in some vegetarian diets, but vegans eliminate it from their diet. Eliminate milk, cheese, yogurt, butter and anything made with milk Avoid Seafood On A Vegan Dietproducts. Replace them with soy and nut milks, vegan cheeses and animal-free baked goods.

Another animal product to eliminate is eggs, which are often used in prepared foods. Check the ingredients label of baked goods. Even bread sometimes contains eggs or egg whites. There are plenty of dairy-free and egg-free baked alternatives.

Seeing honey on this list may surprise you. Honey is an animal product, however. Rather than interfere with the bees’ natural life cycle, you can substitute other natural sweeteners, including maple syrup.

The old campfire standby is made with gelatin, a form of collagen that is made from animal byproducts, including skin, bones and hooves. Gelatin is used in a variety of candies, including candy corn, gummy bears and fruit snacks. It’s the basis for Jello. Gelatin is used to thicken fat-free products. Always check the labels.

Avoid Honey on a vegan dietWhite Sugar
White sugar is often processed with bone char. It is not part of a vegan diet. Neither is anything made with sugar. Eliminating white sugar from your diet and your children’s diet is a healthy choice for many, many reasons. Obesity is of epidemic proportions in the United States. Cutting back on processed sugar will give you more energy and better health. Rely more on fresh fruits for desserts and snacks.

Some Wines and Beers
Isinglass, made from fish swim bladders, is one of the oldest sources of gelatin. Isinglass is still widely used to refine wine and beer. Look for wines and beers that are made without this animal product.

French Fries and Potato Chips
You don’t have to give up these snack foods completely, just the varieties that are cooked in lard, which is animal fat. Potato chip packages will identify the oils used in their list of ingredients. Fast-food French fries are best avoided. Lard is a widely used ingredient in fast-food chain deep fryers.

Mayonnaise and Salad Dressings
Mayonnaise is classically made with eggs. A vegan alternative is widely available. Check the label.
Bottled salad dressings may list animal products among their ingredients. Creamy ranch dressings may have milk products. Even a simple vinaigrette may contain lecithin to stabilize the emulsion.

Lecithin was first obtained from egg yolk. It is used in many confections, including chocolate bars. A major source of lecithin today is soybeans. Look for products that contain soy lecithin. Avoid egg-derived lecithin.

Switching to a vegan diet is a compassionate choice. It is also a change that opens your diet to many new, delicious options for eating.

Eliminating the top 10 foods on this list may take some extra research and effort to accomplish. Give yourself time to adjust to your new regimen. Eating whole, fresh foods is a delightful way to dine.

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