10 Lamps Made With Recycled Materials

By on November 12, 2014

Being a vegan is not just about the food we eat. It’s about caring for the well being of animals and helping save the planet we live on. Recycling is helping save the planet for our children, but recycling does not just have to be placing our plastic bottles and paper bags in separate bins. You can create some cool home projects using recycled materials. Here are 10 really cool lamp projects using items most people would just throw in the garbage.

1. iMac Ceiling Lamps

iMac Ceiling Lamps

2. Steel Wine Barrel Hoops Hanging Lamp

Steel Lamp Barrel Hoops

3. Amazon Box Lamp

Amazon Box Lamp

4. Mason Jar Lamp

Mason Jar Lamp

5. Elegant Wine Bottle Lamp

Elegant Wine Bottle Lamp

 6. Ice Block Lamp

Ice Block Lamp

7. Jack Daniels Bottle Lamp

Jack Daniels Bottle Lamp

8.  Key Lamp

Key Lamp

9. Colorful Colander Lamp

Colander Lamp

10. Plastic Bottle Lamps

Plastic Bottle Lamp

The old saying “one mans junk is another mans treasure” is well documented here with these 10 crazy cool lamps.

Have you built a cool lamp using something you would have thrown in the garbage? Please share it with us.


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