10 Great Labor Day Grilling Recipes…Vegan Style

By on August 27, 2014

It’s the official mark of the end of summer, Labor Day weekend. Three final days for grilling and swimming. What some might think as a time when vegans stay indoors and eat salad is just the opposite. In fact we vegans feel sorry for the boring hamburger and hotdog cookouts. These 10 recipes will make your meat eating buddies more than jealous. They may even jump in and indulge themselves.

1. Tofu Greek Salad with Char-grilled Vegetables

Tofu Greek Salad with Char-grilled Vegetables

Recipe Via: www.greekvegetarian.blogspot.com

2. Balsamic Grilled Veggies


Recipe Via: www.familyfreshcooking.com

3. Grilled Tofu Tacos


Recipe Via: www.loveandlemons.com

4. Portobello & Peach Burger

Portobello and peach burger

Recipe Via: www.greenkitchenstories.com

5. Grilled Sweet Potatoes with Cherry Salsa

Grilled Sweet Potatoes with Cherry Salsa

Recipe Via: www.thefirstmess.com

6. Perfect Vegan Veggie Burger

Perfect Vegan Veggie Burger

Recipe Via: www.ohsheglows.com

7. Grilled Eggplant with Herb Quinoa

Recipe Via: www.sproutedkitchen.com

8. Seitan Negimaki

Seitan Negimaki Vegan Grilling
Recipe Via: www.theppk.com

9. Grilled Herb Garden Pizza

Recipe Via: www.loveandlemons.com

10. Cilantro Lime Marinated Veggie Kabobs With Barley Kale Salad

Recipe Via: www.naturallyella.com

Happy Labor Day, and happy vegan grilling.

Do you have a great vegan grilling recipe you would like to share? Let us know in the comments below

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